It is small and lightweight food ration, which was made special for Ministry of Defence, police and other structures in Russia. 

MRE Include: 
1. Biscuits 50g
2. First dinner meal (fast food) 40g
3. Second dinner meal (fast food) 60g
4. Breakfast meal (fast food) 40g
5. Tonic Drink 25g
6. Tonic Drink (in pill) 1pcs
7. Tea 1pcs
8. Chocolate 30g
9. Fruit Jam 45g
10. Sugar 30g
11. Salt 5g
12. Pepper 1g
13. Fruit Bar 50g
14. Raisins 25g
15. Nuts 30g
16. Tomato Sauce 10g
17. Chewing Gum 3pcs

*May include other food due menu or different package

- Very small and lightweight
- Made in Russia
- Excellent quality and price

Package included:

1 x Russian Expeditionary MRE (0.5kg)

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Russian Expeditionary MRE (0.5kg)

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